Thank you for your interest in JMK Tips!

The Background

This all began because I wanted some cool tips that would be ideal from dripping. All of the “wide bore” tips out there didn’t seem to cut it for me. Plus, on many, I would get a lot of juice in my mouth which is never a good thing.

The first couple JMK Tips were made by me on a manual lathe, with no real intention of selling them. However, everywhere I vaped or any picture I uploaded, people would ask where they could get “that tip”!

These production runs will be made in the U.S.A. with high quality type 304 stainless steel, naval brass and black delrin.

The Design

The Gaper line was designed to both be very functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. The smooth finish on the inside of the tip prevents juice from “hanging” on the walls and the small taper on the bottom of the tip allows the juice to flow down onto your wick.

The Gaper line sits perfectly on dripper atomizers such as the Patriot, Nimbus, Helios, Omega and many more! The dual o-ring design allows the drip tips to fit more snug and provide more stability (less wobble).

The Hybrid Adapter has two purposes: to add some brass accents that complete the look of your set up or as a heat insulator (delrin only) for those tasty sub-ohm vapes. These adapters allow you run any 510 drip tip of your liking but they are physically designed for the Gaper line. These also incorporate the dual o-ring feature.